The Authority has an Educational Experience Bank (EPB), which covers innovations in best practice in various fields. The EPB is continuously compiled and systematized in accordance with the guidelines for organizing the dissemination of educational experience. The educational experience is accumulated and disseminated in the EPB, located in the quality system and on the institution’s website www.vikc.lt under the heading Educators and Projects. The educational experience bank consists of 10 areas: teaching methodology; the role of the teacher / lecturer; learning motivation; evaluation; education policy; curriculum; development of teachers’ qualification; assessment of learning achievements; project activities; conferences, fairs, other events.

In 2015, an e-publication was developed jointly with the LKPA, VU UKI and other educational institutions on the diversity, innovation, adaptation and assessment criteria of language textbooks for teachers, and good practices were shared between teachers and practitioners. The publication is available to all teachers and educators on the institution’s website, www.vikc.lt, under the heading Educators.

Links and other useful information are posted on the institution’s website and are used by a variety of client groups: Lithuanian teachers-practitioners, education policy makers, civil servants and other professionals.

Good practice is disseminated by teacher-practitioners in various fields within the institution. The Authority investigates the needs of clients seeking information on the good practices of others. The exchange of good practice is regulated within the institution. As part of the process of exchanging best practices, the institution is also looking for those who want to share best practices (at conferences, seminars, events) to be included in the EPB. The EPB shall be stored in an electronic medium.

There is an informal interest in how the good practices in the EPB have been implemented. The selection of best practice in the EPB is carried out by the institution’s staff and teacher-practitioners. The institution hosts events for the exchange of good practice, open classes, seminars, conferences, educational tours, multilingualism events, the experience of which is recorded in the EPB.