25 years

The Public Service Language Centre (further – the Centre) is an adult and young learners’ education service provider founded by the Lithuanian Government in 1993.

The Centre is one of the first language teaching institutions in Lithuania, helping Lithuanian people to improve their language competences. It is a contemporary and modern institution applying innovations and interactive ICT in language teaching. The philosophy of the Centre is based on the aspiration of the top-quality service.

For 25 years we have been providing services of teaching modern languages, testing public servants and other professionals for the language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Since the beginning of the Centre activities (in 25 years) at different programmes we have had about 50 thousand students and issued over 45 thousand certificates.

In close cooperation with the Goethe Institute (GI) and other educational institutions we implement language teaching programmes, organize and administrate international GI exams.  We participate in educational projects of the European Commission and of other international organizations, promote good language teaching and learning practices in Lithuania and abroad. We organize in-service training workshops for teachers and consult different educators.

All our teachers and other employees constantly upgrade their professional competences at in-service trainings, conferences and other educational activities.








Our staff

Our staff is a team of top-quality pedagogues with substantial professional experience. Most of the administration (the director and two deputy directors, the head of public relations and the project administrator) have higher University degree in Philology.
All our language teachers have higher University degree in Philology and constantly upgrade their professional competences at in-service trainings and trainings abroad, participate at national and international conferences and workshops on teaching languages, innovations and education management.


Audronė Auškelienė


Ramunė Sarnickienė

Deputy Director. Coordinator for German Language Programs

Asterija Rudienė

Deputy Director. Study Director and Coordinator for Teacher Training

Lidija Šipelienė Valienė

Chief accountant

Asta Jarutienė

Head of Public Relations and Commerce

Daiva Stasiulionienė

Project Administrator. Lithuanian language teacher. Seminars lecturer

Regina Mačiuitienė

German language teacher. Examiner at Goethe's Institute

Angelė Maslauskienė


Language teachers

Ali Alatorre

Spanish language teacher

Audronė Juozapavičienė

English language teacher

Jelena Brazauskienė

Russian language teacher

Tatjana Bruskina

English language teacher

Margarita Gaubytė

Lithuanian language teacher

Neringa Lašienė

Lithuanian language teacher

Neringa Goberytė

German language teacher

Miriam Gottfried

German and Dutch language teacher

Vaiva Jucienė

English language teacher

Valda Kropienė

German language teacher

Dalia Lapinskaitė

English language teacher

Ippolito Leca

Italian language teacher

Irena Miculevičienė

Lecturer at VGTU. German language teacher

Beata Nikrevič

German language teacher

Leonas Kižla

German language teacher

Nurada Petruševičiūtė Mickevičienė

English language teacher

Aušrelė Matukevičiūtė

Seminars lecturer


About 50% of the Public Service Language Centre clients are public servants. For those seeking to improve their English, German, French and other language skills we offer specific courses for business, legal, correspondence, EU institutions: meetings, negatiations language. Our clients include state and public institutions as well as business enterprices.