International Projects

International Projects
From April to September 2016 The Public Service Language centre is implementing the international project “ Modernisation of methods for multicultural education at pre-school and pre-primary level”, funded through the European Economic Area Financial mechanism 2009-2014 under LT08“EEA Grants” programme (financial contributions of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein towards the reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area ). Application number EEE-LT08- ŠMM-01-K- 02-006. The project partners are Høgskolen i Bergen /Bergen University College ( Norway ), Klaipėda University, the Centre for Special Needs Education and Psychology, „Saulės gojus“ and „Varpelis” kindergartens. The project aims at raising the quality of pre-school and pre-primary education through the modernsation of multicultural education methods. The main product - a Guide (Guidelines) to Best Practice in Multicultural Education, designed for kindergarten teachers and administrators, – will be distributed in pre-school and pre-primary institutions.

Public Service Language Centre would like to invite you to the opening conference of its international project “Modernisation of multicultural education methods for pre-school level” to be held on May 30th at the Ministry of Education and Science, Volano st. 2 Vilnius.



The project kick-off conference “Multilingual kindergartens: challenges and solutions”

The kick-off conference was held in the Chambers Hall of the Ministry of Education and Science on 30 May, 2016. The conference aimed at presenting the project and current challenges and opportunities in the area of multcultural education at pre-school level. The participants were warmly welcomed by Vice-minister Genoveita Krasauskienė, followed by Norwegian Ambassador J. E. Dag Malmer Halvorsen, who addressed the audience in perfect Lithuanian. The project is carried out under the “EEA Grants” programme with Norway being one of the financial contributors. The Norwegian partners from Bergen University College joined the conference via the video facilities.

Audronė Auškelienė, the Public Service Language Centre director and project manager, presented the aims and objectives, as well as projec activities and expected results. The Ministry of Education and Science specialists - Onutė Čepulėnienė and Laimutė Jankauskienė – spoke about the importance of multicultural education in the modern society, focusing on some specific features of early education. Prof. Ilona Klanienė and prof. Rasa Braslauskienė, both from Klaipeda University, shared their insights into the pedagogical competences needed for working in the multicultural environment. Vaida Stupurienė and Sandra Valantiejienė, researchers at the National Centre for Special Needs Education and Psychology, highlighted the peculiarities of educational support in multilingual kindergartens.

After a short break, Džiuginta Baraldsnes and Alicja Renata Sadownik from Bergen University College shared the experience of Norwegian kindergartens in multicultural education; they also answered the particiants‘ questions. The following round-table discussion involved administrators and pedagogues of Lithuanian kindergartens, early education specialists, representatives of the Lithuanian Language teachers‘ association and teacher traning institutions, members of educational community.

The project team urged the participants to collaborate and share good practice in order to achieve the set goals in developing methods of multicultural education at pre-school and pre-primary level.

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The  project action “A Research Visit to Norway” was carried out on 22-24 June 2016. During the trip seven project experts   visited four  Bergen kindergartens that offer  multicultural education programmes. The visit agenda was arranged and coordinated by the Norwegian project partners - Džiuginta Beraldsnes, Alicja Sadovnik and Solveig Karlgraf, all experts from Bergen University College. While visiting the kindergartens, the project team attended educational sessions,  had meetings with the kindergartens’ administration, teachers and parents, discussed challenges and specific methods used in multicultural education. The visitors met with Bergen Unversity college academic staff who specialize in pre-school education and teacher training. During the visit the experts from Lithuania shared experience and  gained information about the practice and achievements of multicultural education in Norway, which will be used in the further steps of the project: producing A Best Practice Guide in pre-school and pre-primary multicultural  education for Lithuanian kindergartens.

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In June 2016 CIVVITA ( carried out  Research on  Multicultural Education in Pre-school and  Pre-primary Institutions in Lithuania.
The research objectives were  to investigate the current state of multucultural education, to evaluate effectiveness of the applied methods, to identify problems that kindergarten practitioners face when dealing with children from multilingual/multicultural environment, to summarize and evaluate the perspective of applying the Norwegian best practice in Lithuania.
The research made use of several quality and quantity analysis methods: focus group interview, review of the current Lithuanian education policy documents , target group questionnaire, and analysis of the collected data.  The researchers’ conclusions  and recommendations have been used in the project main product: A Best Practice Guide on Early Multicultural Education in Lithuania. The research has contributed to clarifying the current needs of the project target group (questionnaire respondents) and to working out most effective methods and activities in the area of early multicultural education.
See the complete Research Report here:


The project closing conference

About 150 target group participants took part in the project closing conference held on 27th September 2016. They included kindergarten teachers and administrators, educational support specialists, parents community representatives, teacher trainers and students from universities and teacher training colleges, in-service teacher training centers  and teachers‘ associations. The conference presenters summarised the project implementation and presented its main product – „Multicultural Kindergartens. Good Practice Guide“ publication. The project experts spoke about the competences that kindergarten teachers need to work in a multicultural setting; they also discussed educational support to multilingual children. The project partners from Bergen presented their best practice, particularly in working with migrant children in Norwegian kindergartens. The representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science spoke about early multilingual and multicultural education and the challenges faced by Lithuanian teachers.
The conference was covered in LRT programme „Lietuvos diena“. To hear the recording click here  ( from 42:07 min.)
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Publication „Multicultural Kindergartens. Good Practice Guide“ is available at