Public Service Language Centre (PSLC), established in 1993 by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania operating under the Ministry of Education and Science, the United Nations Development Programme in Vilnius and the British Council, is located in Vilnius but offers language teaching services in different towns in Lithuania and abroad (the UK, Malta). Since 1993 PSLC has delivered language courses in more than 20 modern languages to over 40 000 clients (60% of the clients are civil servants). PSLC seeks to meet the EU standards in teaching languages; the offered courses are in compliance with the levels defined by the CEFL. We run general and specific language programmes according to the client’s profession and needs.
The mission of the Public Service Language Centre is to be modern, professional and constantly learning language teaching institution which helps people of different age develop and upgrade their communicative language competences needed for their efficient participation in labour market.   In addition the Centre strives to further foreign languages teachers' professional development and preparation courses for international examinations: IELTS, TEOFL, Goethe Zertifikat examinations etc.  
All language teachers at PSLC hold MA University degrees in philology and have sufficient work experience in running different language courses for adults.
Language teaching services:
PSLC offers a variety of language programmes: English, German, French, Lithuanian and other languages, which include developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills at all levels, general and specific language skills according to the client’s needs.
Language programmes are offered at different time of the day, suitable for the client and can be carried out both at the Public Service Language Centre (Vilniaus Street 39/6, Vilnius) and the client’s institution. The students are grouped into different level groups according to the results of the placement test, which is carried out free of charge. PSLC teachers’ team is highly experienced and competent to work with mixed ability and different level students in one group.
Testing and examinations
PSLC is accredited by the Civil Service department under the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania as a language level according to CEFL testing centre and since 2012 has been acting as a licensed examination centre for international Goethe Institute examinations.
Teacher training
In 2016 PSLC was accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science as a teacher training centre and organizes professional in-service seminars for language teachers, teachers of other subjects, special pedagogues and social pedagogues.  
Other services and activities
Every year on 26 September Public Service Language Centre traditionally organizes the European Day of Languages which since 2010 has been supported by the European Commission and every year involves associated partners from the Embassies and Culture centres of foreign countries residing in Lithuania.
PSLC is a founder and an institutional member of the Association of teachers of languages of Lithuania and since 2006 actively participates in its activities, such as organizing conferences and workshops for language teachers, round table discussions, educational excursions and cultural events.