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Adult learners
Learn German at Public Service Language Centre. Whether you want to learn German for everyday life, personal interest, your job or for university studies – Public Service Language Centre is your qualified partner.

We offer:
  1. A 40 academic hour general German course ( 2-3 hour sessions 2 or 3 times per week) in small groups. The course book is available. The placement test is recommended for those non-beginners. The 40 hour course fee – 178 Eur. Discounts are offered for students/school children, loyal clients, family members and ‚friends‘.
  2. Individual German language courses. The content, hours and frequency  are adjusted to clients’ needs.
  3. Preparatory courses for Goethe institute’ international exams and TestDaf.
A1 level
  • A1.1   I, III    6.30-8:15 pm (starts on September 11)
  • A1.2   I, III    5.30-7.45 pm (starts September 18 )
A2 level
  • A2.1     II, IV     5:30-7:00 pm (starts on September 14) 
  • A2.2     I, III       5.00-6.30 pm (starts on September 13) 
B1 level
  • B1.1    II,IV      5.30-7.00 pm (starts on September19)
  • B1.2     I-III         6.30-8.00 pm (starts on September 18)
B2 level
  • B2.1     I-III       6.00-7.30 pm (starts on September 13)
  • B2.2      II-IV        7.00-8.30 pm (starts on September 20)
C1 level
  • C1.1     II-IV      6.30-8.00 pm (starts on September 26)       
Preparatory courses:
  • Goethe Zertifikat B2 preparatory course: starts on August 24) . This course is 40 academic hour long.
  • Goethe Zertifikat C1 preparatory course: 
  • TestDaF preparatory course (B2/C1)
More information about Goethe institute exams:üfungen 
More information about TestDaf:

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More information: 00 370 6 502 7471 or (00 370 5) 212 0291

The German placement test is offered every Friday at 2:00 pm. (from September)